Individual Sitting together and noticing the story of your life; a great awareness practice. Being curious on how all these events have impacted your body, brain which leads to today’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors. What are your strengths? What keeps you stuck? This journey for greater space and understanding of your life allows shifts towards greater wellness and wholeness.

High School age and beyond.

CouplesWho is the greatest teacher in your life? A committed partner found at home, work and/or team. Yes, as these individuals create activation in mind/body, this is an invitation to transform. Sounds good yet doing the work is hard and rewarding. What else do you really have to do in your life?

IMAGO model of therapy is primary foundation of our work.

Marriage Preparation Program (MPP) - Three visit, two-hour sessions to discover the benefits of a committed partnership. Our culture does not have a narrative on how to dance with the dynamics of one’s life let alone living with another's “sound track” of songs. Dive into the best practices of remaining present with our partner. We need to think of being in multiple marriages in our life, and it can be with the same person.

Prepare/Enrich Assessment is a part of our work along with a workbook.

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Back to Basics: Mindfulness Meditation

As we get older, at times it may feel like time is moving more rapidly. Why does this occur? Many theories and I wonder if our mind spends less time really being present; hence, the experience of time flying by.

Every year, we acquire more memories, the accumulation of tasks and a few more aches and pains (mental and physical). It makes sense that our mind will focus on these past moments and/or anticipate more coming our way. Past: Reliving what did not go well. Embarrassed about something we did. Angry about what was done to us. Grieving something lost. Reviewing happy times. Future: Working out “to do” lists. Rehearing situations in our mind. Anxious about all that could potentially hurt us. Envision what we want in our life. Anticipating exciting events.

I invite you to experience your “childlike” nature. Practicing and going back to our basic nature; a place of experiencing the rapture of life. Dropping the worries of the past and/or anxiety of the future, being Present: aware of the body, breath, noticing all our senses and mindful of stimuli, noticing thoughts and feelings with acceptance.

"The purpose of life is not avoiding is living through pain and learning from it." -Dr. Jennifer Ashton

We struggle to live in the here and now. Life is consumed with what was or how it could be – expectations. A great deal of our spiritual anguish is a result of our inattention. We want to be “human doings” and the “being” part is difficult, we are out of practice. Our ability to connect with ourselves, others and even God is postulated on one’s ability to be attentive.

As we practice being still, returning back again and again to the present, several shifts can occur. You may experience time differently. Slowing down and smelling the roses can allow a pause; hence, time can take on a different element in our life. Life slows down in a way that it can be felt/experienced. We become more open to other perspectives (cultivating empathy), come to understand our ways of the past may not be best for the present, learn to accept “what is” versus resisting, quieting the mind, developing a “witnessing” perspective, knowing your purpose and decreasing activation of our central nervous system.

Insight Counseling Center (ICC) offers two programs you may experience to enhance the “basics” of life, allowing the rapture of the extraordinary in the ordinary to be a part of your daily life.

Mindfulness Meditation meets Mondays and Thursdays between 12:15- 12:45pm in person or Zoom. Brief discussion, followed by silent practice and concludes with observations, comments and/or general wonderings. No fee nor reservation necessary.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a course of practice developed by Jon Kabat Zinn out of University of Massachusetts Medical School. An eight session class with an all-day retreat for those interested in structured support to shift from “doing” to “being”.

There are many paths towards spiritual and mental contentment. Mindfulness meditation, centering prayer, silence and contemplation are some of the words/practices used to support said intention. ICC welcomes your presence to experience the present. Please feel free to contact our office and/or visit our website for more information.

Educational Workshops

Scott has led a variety of workshops in multiple settings from one hour to a full-day. Topics may include: Mindfulness, Relationships and Wellness.

Companies and groups where Scott has done Workshops:  Community Health Network, IU School of Medicine, Carmel High School, RCI, First Friends Church, First Meridian Heights Presbyterian Church, Hope Partnership, Disciples of Church Extension Fund, Indianapolis Case Management Institute, Interfaith Prayer Group (IFPG), Department of Child Services (DCS), Healthy IU, Innovative Rx, IU School of Law.

Here are two samples of lectures: Am I Enough: The Question that Drives Anxiety and Your Brain on Relationships.