Getting Started


This website is an attempt to support knowing more about me (Fit) yet if you would like to have a 15-minute conversation on the phone prior to meeting, totally makes sense. During the call, we will cover the 2-3 items you would like to discuss, and I would be available to answer any questions you have about my style, philosophy and/or approach. We will both feel comfortable with “fit” as much as possible and proceed to scheduling.


I am available Monday through Thursday from 8am-5pm. Typical appointments last between 1-2 hours. Half or Full-Day sessions are typically on a Saturday or Sunday.

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Many folks are exercising the option of telehealth sessions. It makes sense for a number of reasons and some find the comfort of their own home provides a supportive environment to process.

Both telehealth platforms (Zoom or ensure privacy and are HIPAA compliant.

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Initial IntakeUp to 1.5 hours = 80 minutes$195
Individual/Couples1 hour = 50 minutes$130
 1.5 hours = 80 minutes$195
 2 hours = 110 minutes$260
Half-Day Session4 hours$500
Full-Day Session8 hours$1000
Programs, Workshops, Events
Marriage Preparation Program3 session, 2 hours each, Assessment and Workbook$850
MBSR10 Gatherings$425
Mindfulness Meditations30 minutesNo Charge
Educational Workshops TBD
Canoe/Kayak Counseling
"Counseling services can be done via a canoe or kayak should the spirit move you."

Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, American Express, HSA, cash or checks are all accepted. Credit cards are kept “on file” and run after each appointment.


Receipts will be provided for self-filing with insurance companies. Cancellations require 24-hour notice to avoid $75 no-show fee.